The One Hundred
The One Hundred
Chaos & Bliss
I've got a dark past feeds my aggression
It gives me the strength of a thousand weapons
I've not got beyond the point, here's the question
Are we just the pawns of your creation?

Starts with a team and ends in a draw
To win is to fight and to fight is the law
When the law is put to a saw, where do you stand
When they want more
When the raid becomes to much
To drag and just give up
When just a step away
Do you think it'll end just pray

There's a box in the town with the strength to change it all
It's out of our control
And the demons that we face, half a mind without a soul
And they wanna take us down

Fall back, retreat retreat
Learn to be a man and face your defeat
Fall back, retreat retreat
Run silent run fast run deep

Hide in the trees when they're dropping like flies
They'll stare into my eyes thinking what comes next
Mask of a hero, death of a zero
Will that mean I'mma strike it blind
Forget the ones who suffer the most
Where were useless when we head to the outpost
Imma pressure on a thousand men
Do we die in vain or is this just a game

Is this just a game
A motherfuckin game
Is this just a game

Who's worth more (Do we have to choose)
What comes next (When we have to choose)
Who's worth more
Do we have to choose
Do we have to choose


It's about to go down
It's about to go down, run fast run silent run deep